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Interactive Development Specialist in Las Vegas, NV at Credit One Bank

Date Posted: 5/23/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Position Summary

As an Interactive Development Specialist at Credit One Bank, you will focus on front-end web development, including User Interface Design & Engineering (UI), User Experience Design (UX), and Interaction Design (IxD). You’ll work with other developers in crafting initial wireframes, mockups and prototypes. You will interface with external technology vendors, work within secured site development and site staging environments, assure cross-browser and device compatibility, and perform Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and post-deployment regression testing. Within the Interactive team’s workflow environment, you’ll collectively manage centralized source code repositories and version control systems.


 Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Deliver streamlined code for online customer experiences which serve millions of credit card members. 
  • Collaborate on User Experience Design (UX) strategy for prototyping and pilot efforts, including translating business requirements into elegantly coded solutions. 
  • Conceptualize new site structures and hierarchies, create navigational models and flows, and develop interactive solutions for device-agnostic websites. 

  • Adjust information architecture process flow schematics (site mapping, flow charting, and diagramming) for both live and development environments. 

  • Participate in continual development and on-going site design and functional optimization. 

  • Deliver consistent and intuitive navigational flows throughout the customer experience and across a multitude of screen dimensions, devices, and browsers. 

  • Interface with external vendors (e.g. web development and digital advertising agencies) and intra-departmental staff, and IT project managers and developers. These duties will include working with external / internal designers and technologists to ensure that the user interfaces reflect the design and technology requirements and functionality as set forth by the business. 

  • Work with mission-critical external technology vendors (e.g. web hosting platform, server management, website uptime, performance and functionality monitoring firms). 

  • The ability to communicate clearly with the core interactive / digital team as well as other teams within the company. 

  • Remain informed and up-to-date regarding new and emerging developments in technology, and comfortable proposing solutions based upon these technologies, including educating and informing non-technical team members. 

  • Promote, prototype and develop concepts for future initiatives within an interactive / digital environment. 

  • Participate in peer code review sessions, methodically examining code for defects and improvement opportunities, while accepting constructive criticism. 

  • Perform regularly scheduled website and database backups. 

  • Support individual business unit requests for additional website processes, features and functionality. 

  • Understand and effectively communicate site features and limitations with regard to design and development decisions on new projects. 

  • Meticulously document site revisions and code updates. 

  • Pre-deployment Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and post-deployment regression testing.

  • Index and organize documents and files for project requests and tracking, retention, asset management, and change control management.

Job Requirements

Position Requirements

  • Expert working knowledge of modern web development tools, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.


  • Expertise with implementing Responsive / Adaptive web designs and the on-going resolution of cross-browser / device issues.


  • Strong familiarity with iOS and Android.


  • Proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products.


  • Familiarity with and/or knowledge of PHP is a plus.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.


  • Experience with ZURB Foundation or other front-end frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap).


  • Strong communication and problem solving skills.


  • Experience with wireframing, user flows, and rapid prototyping, utilizing tools such as Balsamiq Mockups and InVision.


  • Familiarity with Content Management System (CMS) implementations, including Adobe Experience Manager, is a plus.


  • The ability to discuss projects with colleagues who have little knowledge of digital production and tools.


  • Experience in integrating web APIs.


  • Knowledge of SCSS compilers and modern web workflow tools.


  • Experience with distributed version control systems (the Atlassian stack in particular: SourceTree and Bitbucket, and Git repositories in general).



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